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Arad trip

Arad trip

On an Arad trip you’ll be visiting the western part of Romania, a very culturally diverse region as well as geographically interesting. Arad is a very multi-ethnic place as well as being home to a varied number of religions, in that respect it is rather uncommon when compared with the large majority of Romanian cities, in which both those characteristics are quite homogenous.

The city has been around for at least a thousand years, but there is evidence that the area has been inhabited since Neolithic times. The city has also been a major point of interest throughout this long history which means that it has more than a few attractions to offer its visitors and the best way to see them is with the help of our Arad car hire services.

One of the most important attractions is the Water Tower. It is a thirty-five meter tall tower built in a mix of eclectic and secession style. It is made up of rock and brick and simply impresses due to its size. It was built in order to supply the then developing city with water as well as signal fires and help the firefighters.

The Cenad Palace was also built towards the end of the 19th century, and is part of the urban complex of the Town Hall plaza; it is however the best and most representative part of said complex, being richly decorated in both Classic and Renaissance style.

Talking of the administrative complex, the Administrative Palace while less decorated than the Cenad Palace, is built in a mixture of late Medieval and NeoRenaissance Flemish style. The windows are stained glass and represent the seasons.

Arad also has one of the most important historical monuments in the western part of Romania, the Arad fortress which was one of the most massive fortifications of its time, definitely worth a visit.



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