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Antwerp: a rendez-vous with art

Antwerp: a rendez-vous with art

Today I would like to invite you to Antwerp: a rendez-vous with art and something more.

The first day I got to this city, it was a cold and grey winter day, so the first moment spent there felt cold and not very friendly – but the story is meant to show you that first impressions are not always to be trusted. On closer inspection, through the loving eye of a visitor that is willing to see sheer beauty, Antwerp is eager to unravel its beauty and charm for all to see.

Antwerp is one of the most prosperous and dynamic port cities in Belgium and not only: it is one of the most prominent trading spots by the shores of the North Sea.

All throughout the city, you will see statues of the greatest Flemish painters and artists and the Grote Markt, the central market place in town, is a tribute to the great age of Flemish Renaissance.

The most renowned artist to be celebrated in the city is Peter Paul Rubens, whose 17th-century house is one of the most visited museums in town. It features many of his Baroque paintings and artwork, as well as pieces by other artists and is a great look into life at that age.

What is the greatest church in town? The Gothic St. Paul’s Church (named Sint-Pauluskerk by the locals) was started in 1517 and completed more than a century later, in 1639. It towers over the hansmore Veemarkt plaza. This is not just a church, but also a depository for more artwork by the most prominent Flemish artists: Van Dyck, Rubens, Jordaens and Peter Verbruggen the Elder.

All in all, Antwerp is the uncrowned capital and center of Flanders, a hymn in architecture in the name of art. It’s a town with nice traffic, so if you rent a car in Antwerp, you will enjoy visiting.



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