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Almeria trip

Almeria trip

Venturing on your Almeria trip will have you in fact visiting a decent chunk of the eastern coast of the region known as Andalucia. This is the last section of the Spanish Mediterranean coast where one can actually have a whole beach to one’s self, but more on that later.

The climate of the region is a hot and arid climate, this means that you can actually get into the water starting with the middle of March. Actually visiting the place outside the usual summer months might be a good idea for those who aren’t really ready to deal with the high temperatures – in July and August it can get up to and exceed 40 Centigrade in the shade.

Let’s talk a bit about what you can see and do while in Almeria, one of the more important tourist sights being the Alcazaba.

This castle complex is located on the hill that overlooks the city, and once there you can understand why they built it where they did. The view over the city is great, and this only means that ever since the first half of the tenth century – when it was initially built – it has been offering dominant views of the surroundings and giving advanced notice of invaders. Once inside the complex you will be able to visit reconstructed Arabic gardens, meaning that water features have been restored and planted with a variety of Mediterranean plants. The complex also features towers, ruins, baths, dungeons and the upper most enclosure is the palace of the caliphs.

Then there are the beaches, of course there are several ones linked to the city and resorts, however you can still find some that are not yet touched by modern touristic development, it depends on what you’re looking for.

All of these and much more can be visited with the help of our Almeria car hire services.



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