5 Highly Rated Bars in Rome

5 Highly Rated Bars in Rome

Rome is a city full of enjoyable things to do and beautiful spots to see. Whether you are travelling to the Eternal City for historical museums, parks and museums trekking, for shopping or for food and wine hunting, you will surely never go wrong in Rome. As much as you will like the day light life in Rome, you will as well definitely find the nightlife equally, if not more, enjoyable and gratifying.

Here are some of the top rated night clubs clubs and bars in Rome that will surely help make your night the most memorable one.

Ex Magazzini

Located in Via dei Magazzini Generali 8, Rome, Ex Magazzini is considered as among the finest disco clubs in the Eternal City. With a mixed music genre they play, you will surely enjoy jumping at the beat of the loud music. Ex Magazzini features a variety of music genre from the ingenuous hip hop up to the stupefying electronic rotated music.

Ex Magazzini is not only great for people who are seeking to enjoy dancing and drinking but also for people who enjoys listening to live music and viewing to theater performances. Aside from that, the club also hosts customary film festivals.

The club opens on Fridays and Saturdays from 7:00 pm all the way to 4:30 am. Admission fee is only € 7.00.

Alien Disco

Wondering what is largest night club in Rome? It could be Alien Disco. Alien Disco is not only known as among the greatest bars in Rome but likewise for its uniquely themed disco pub. The main theme of Alien Disco portrays a rather futuristic and industrial pattern, thus attracting mostly visitors of young ages.

Alien Disco is also known for the wide variety of upbeat techno music they play. The dance area of the club is also very notable. With a brimming revolutionary lighting system and design, visitors will surely enjoy the shindig all throughout the night.

Alien Disco is located at V. Velletri 13-19, Rome and is open every Tuesday and Saturday from 11:00 pm to 5:00 am. The full price admission is € 15.50, this already includes free drink.

Fiddler’s Elbow

Fiddler’s Elbow is the very first Irish owned and Irish managed bar in Rome. It is situated at the older part of Rome- Via dell Olmata 43-, near the famous landmark- the Colosseum. Aside from Rome, Fiddler’s Elbow can also be enjoyed in Venice and Florence.

The bar offers beer, cocktails and wine of various assortments. The specialty of the house that is also considered as the bar’s best choice of drink is Guinness.

Fiddler’s Elbow is perfect for people who are looking for a rather relaxed environment. It features a huge satellite television unit for weekly sports events. There is also a pool table and darts section for competition purposes and also for guests who are looking for a more relaxing entertainment activity.

Scholars Lounge

Scholars Lounge is a well-known Irish bar in Rome that is noted with its motto: “to provide a comfortable retreat for weary traveler with something to please every man’s fancy.” It was opened in 2005 and is currently located in the area between Largo di Torre Argentina and Piazza Venezia.

This casual bar plays a variety of live music. Guests can enjoy a wide variety of beverages that Scholars Lounge offers. Approximately, the bar proffers Italian wines, over a hundred cocktail choices and 11 beer options. They also serve food daily.

For those who enjoy karaoke, they can visit Scholars Lounge during Tuesday night while those wanting to avail of the happy hour can do so on weeknights.

Classico Village

Classico village is popularly known in Rome as a multiethnic night club. It features everything from live concerts to exhibitions. It also serves as a leaping disco venue. Classico Village has a wide area that is well enough to accommodate a number of people.

Classico Village is located at Via Giuseppe Libetta, Rome. The whole club is divided into 4 well- defined autonomous stretches.