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You won’t believe the wonderful things you can see in Murcia!

You won’t believe the wonderful things you can see in Murcia!

You won’t believe the wonderful things you can see in Murcia! Traveling through Spain is always an amazing adventure, one you can always put in your golden memory album. And some of the cities that don’t at first sound most recognizable can become among the greatest, most amazing destinations you can visit.

Murcia is a city in southern Spain, the seventh largest city in the country and one of the oldest, having been founded by the Moors in the 9th century. The great architecture, tasty cuisine and the Murcia Spring Festival are three of the main reasons people come to the city every year. So would you like to come visit? If you are still ambivalent, you can look into some of the things you can see and do in town in the following:

Raising proudly in the center town is the Murcia Cathedral, a 14th century Gothic structure and the only functioning cathedral in the Cartagena Diocese.

Another of the major attractions in town is the Real Casino de Murcia. It is an outstandingly beautiful casino/ museum that totally deserves your attention and interest. It is housed in an impressive 19th century mansion with a grand facade and a lavish interior. It is the seat of the Real Casino that was founded in 1847 and houses many cultural activities, as well as the private club.

If buildings is what you like, your next stop better be the Episcopal Palace of Murcia. Elevated in the 1700s, it is easily recognizable because of its red facade and is one of the greatest local landmarks.

But let’s not forget that first and foremost Murcia is a seaside destination. Most tourists go to Mar Menor, a south-eastern lagoon with five islets. Bathing in the sun here is amazing.

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