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The write software to organize your bookings

The write software to organize your bookings

In today’s times, online presence is what makes or breaks a company. Having a simple website is not enough anymore. Most limousine and shuttle operators need to have an online booking, payment processing, invoicing, and dispatching software to complete with other drivers.

There are a few options to achieve this. The limousine company can hire a team of developers and build their own booking engine, keeping in mind that if the website accepts credit cards (like most do), the company will also have to be PCI compliant or they would put their clients are risk.

Another option would be to purchase a limo software, like one from Not only is Booking Tool PCI compliant and ready to accept credit cards for your online reservations, but they are the only software out there that support Secure Emails or password protected PDF reservations. If you setup a simple form for a customer to take online bookings, then you would be putting your customers at risk. Any emails that contain confidential information, such as credit card details, email addresses, phone numbers, etc should be password protected and encrypted.

Booking Tool will do most of the work for you. All you would do is link over your existing website to booking tool’s system. When customers click on “Reservations” or “Booking Now”, they would be forwarded to booking tool’s engine that will accept the reservation based on your prices, your service area, at the same time keeping a track of your fleet to prevent over-booking. Last thing you want is to over book and not have enough vehicles to provide service.

These software’s do not just provide the ability to book reservations, but they also provide the ability to manage existing reservations. Customer’s might have a change in plans and might need to update their reservation. With system’s like booking tool’s, you can edit an existing reservation, send out an updated invoice. The systems can even sending out pickup reminders to your customers and feedback emails after the reservation is complete!

Take a look at our software and see if it’s right for you!



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