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Where to find the real Spain

Where to find the real Spain

The mysterious and colorful country where the rain falls mainly on the plain is a world in itself, distinct from anything else you might experience in Europe and in the world. But often we get people asking where to find the real Spain.

Barcelona and Madrid are just the most famous two places in this sunny country. Sure, they are symbols of Spain, but they are also eclectic places, culturally diverse and, some say, rather corrupted by the mercantile modern world. Instead, we have a few suggestions of Spanish secret spots where one can feel the real air of the country and enjoy the traditional aspects of life here.

If you reach the coast of Malaga, we advise you head east to Las Alpujarras. This Andalucian haven offers a breathtaking view of the mountains of Sierra Nevada, canyons and virgin citrus groves. You’ll feel as if you had stepped out of a page from a travel book.

Murcia is a city in all its right, and a great spot to shop. The Paseo del Malencon is a must see, as well as the Calle Traperia with its winding streets with countless shops. The Murcia Cathedral is also a beautiful herald of the city.

Have you heard of Burgos? Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve all the attention, with its Gothic cathedral being able to rival Gaudi’s famous Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Burgos is also home to black pudding and one of the biggest outdoor museums in Spain.

We’re going to Ibiza… Well, how about we don’t go to the disco, but rather stop at Cala Lentrisca, an idyllic spot with crystal clear waters and pristine beaches away from the hustle and bustle of the town of Ibiza.

To travel throughout the country, we suggest you rent a car in Spain and enjoy all its wonders!



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