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Why Visit Luxor?

Why Visit Luxor?

Once the capital of Ancient Egypt through the time of the New Kingdom, the modern city of Luxor is home to to numerous temples constructed in honor of the ancient gods as well as the final resting places of many Pharaohs and their royal courts in the desert beyond the city. Although an impressively sized city, Luxor’s smaller size and population in comparison to other tourist cities such as Cairo and Alexandria, making getting around the city less intimidating to the novice traveler without lacking in a large number of sights to see and activities to do. A walk along the corniche is not only relaxing, but a great way to see Egypt’s native birds roosting in the trees that line the walkway. Whether exploring the tombs and temples or riding in a felucca along the Nile, there is unlikely to be a dull moment during your stay in Luxor.

Things To Do in Luxor

The Valley of the Kings, where many of Ancient Egypt’s Pharaohs had their tombs constructed to deter grave robbers, is incredibly popular with tourists visiting Luxor. In addition to the world-famous Tomb of King Tutankhamun, there are over sixty other royal tombs within the valley filled with stunning painted murals and amazing wall carvings. It is practically unheard of for a traveler to make a trip to Luxor and not visit the Temple of Luxor or the Temples of Karnak at least once during the course of their stay in the city. Both temples are amazing to see in person and should not be missed. A hot air balloon ride over the city and the ruins on the West Bank as the sun rises or a leisurely ride in a cal├Ęche (horse-drawn carriage) along the River Nile as the sun sets are relaxing ways to start or end your day.

Hotels in Luxor

No matter your budget or personal preferences as to what amenities you prefer, there are many hotels in Luxor to choose from when planning your stay. Whether planning the day with the help of your hotel’s tour desk or dining at your hotel’s restaurant, the hospitable English-speaking staff at Luxor hotels are always available to make your stay at their establishment relaxing and pleasant. A stay at one of Luxor’s budget hotels is proof that inexpensive lodging doesn’t have to be subpar. These modest hotels offer free Wi-Fi access and have terraces where you can relax and chat with your fellow guests before arranging a guided horseback ride or rent a bicycle to get around the city without having to hire a taxi. If you prefer lodging that lives up to Luxor’s Arabic meaning of “palaces”, however, this city’s 5 star hotels will do exactly that and more. Start off your morning by looking at the Nile or your hotel’s gardens from your private balcony before taking a dip in the pool or working up a sweat in the fitness center. As the day winds down into the evening, you and your friends can watch live entertainment provided by hotel staff. Book Hotels in Luxor via by click on Hotels in Luxor.

You will return back home with a lot of wonderful memories and photos from Luxor, Egypt.



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