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Venture into the Yucatan Peninsula

Venture into the Yucatan Peninsula

Would you like to venture into the Yucatan Peninsula? You wouldn’t be the only one. This region in Mexico is the country’s top destination and one of the most coveted tourist attractions.

What if you could squeeze the entire length of expression and wealth of meaning of “I don’t understandwhat you’re saying” into a single word? Apparently the Mayans were awesome at that. Actually, it wasall a misunderstanding. When they were asked by the Spanish explorers of Hernando Cortes what thename of the place was, the Mayans answered: “Yucatan”. Only later did the Spaniards understand thatwhat the locals meant was, “I don’t understand what you’re saying”. Or at least so the story goes!

Venturing into the Yucatan Peninsula is a wondrous journey through the centuries, from the Mayan ancient times to the skyscrapers of present-day Cancun.

Cancun is a whirlwind of cultural influences, mixing architectural styles, beach party atmosphere, nightlife and culture. For whatever reason you might be traveling to the city, though, it is highly advisable to rent a car in Cancun airport, because the prices are affordable and this will make it easy to get around the region.

One place you simply can’t miss is the Chichen Itza, listed among one of the 7 new wonders of the world. The Mayan ruins there are wonderfully preserved in their symmetry and if you go to Valladolid, you can appreciate the relics there as well and enjoy a day trip in the region as well.

If Cancun appeals to the American spirit, you’ll find a corner of Europe in Playa del Carmen, where the beach resort is a bit calmer and more family-friendly. And if you are in for a visually stimulating experience, a boat trip to isla Cozumel is recommended. This is a spectacular haven of coral reefs much promoted by Jacques Cousteau.