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Venice, the city of love

Venice, the city of love

With Valentine’s Day over and the International Women’s Day as well, you’d think the season of love is over. But then again, is love ever out of fashion and out of season? Short answer: no. Which only legitimizes us to talk about Venice, the city of love.

Venice has boasted a rich and proud history from day 1 (which can apparently be traced back to the 10th century BC, when the Veneti people lived here). The golden age of the city of Venice occurred during the Republic (namely between the 9th and the 12th centuries), when Venice was a city state benefiting from ample privileges and a strategic position which reconfirmed us as a commercial and maritime power. It was nearly invincible and the Doge of Venice was a very powerful man.

If we remember the intricate routes of the Silk Road, it is important to remember what a prominent role Venice played, a center where the East and the West met.

After the 15th century, Venice started to lose ground as a political power. Its decline was hastened by lost wars with the Ottomans and the ravages of the Black Death. Later, the city fell to Napoleon in 1797 and was under Austrian control until its reunion with the Italian Kingdom in 1866.

So this is Venice’s history. But what about the story of love? Venice, Italy today is entirely part of the UNESCO World Heritage. With its lagoons and beautiful old architecture, the annual Carnival and the “living museum” sensation, Venice is the ultimate lovers’ destination – as well as a bit of a “tourist trap”, being terribly crowded during summer months.

To afford the most mobility, you can rent a car in Venice for your trip with your better half. Either way, you must see Venice at least once in a lifetime, especially when in love!