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Vegetarian Italy

Vegetarian Italy

There’s a bit of a misunderstanding when people think that there’s no such thing as a vegetarian Italy, in fact skipping meat is not a big deal in Italy, it more has to do with the hearty meat-based recipes that made it over to other places with the immigrants who needed to keep themselves properly fed.

When you look at it the average everyday Italian diet is actually quite vegetarian-friendly due to a variety of socio-economical reasons.

Nowadays however, those same reasons don’t exist anymore, but the recipes they spawned are as much part of Italian cuisine as pizza, ham and Bolognese sauce is.

Vegetarianism is much easier to be comprehended by Italians, who have a very rich culture of fishing and seafood in general. They don’t actually eat meat at every meal, and especially not red meat, they’re much more into white meats, cured hams and fish.

There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Italy as well, but you don’t have to go to a specific one since you can easily find dishes without animal protein in most establishments. You have to do a bit of research on the region and place that you’ll be spending your holiday in, so that you can look into the local specialties and look at menus from local restaurant websites.

While places like Rome or Tuscany are known for their strong territorial meat traditions, it’s not all about the meat, the menus are full to the brim with all manner of vegetarian-friendly side dishes or complete meals based on a variety of other traditional dishes, think of pasta, pizza and polenta. Only these three are used as the basis for a plethora of combinations of legumes, olive oil, sauces, herbs and many other things.

There’s obviously much more to this but we’ll talk about that in future articles, but what it’s important is to think of some car rental Italy services in order to best explore the food of Italy.



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