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Vast places to visit in 2014 (part 3)

Vast places to visit in 2014 (part 3)

Today we’ll be finishing up our look at vast places to visit in 2014 and we’ll be going to a place where maybe you wouldn’t think we’d be visiting, Italy.

Stromboli – Italy

This is one of the places around the world where you get a reminder that our planet has a molten core. The Stromboli volacno is also known as the ‘Lighthouse of the Mediterranean’ thanks to its eruptive activity. The island is part of the Aeolian Islands, an archipelago of seven volcanic peaks situated off the north coast of Sicily. The island of Stromboli throws out regular explosions of dust and steam, spitting rocks and on occasions, lava down the barren Scaria del Fuoco trail into the Mediterranean Sea.

The island isn’t large enough to have an airport, you can only reach it by ferry from Naples, or Milazzo on Sicily.

Concordia – Pakistan

This place isn’t very well-known as a destination, possibly because of its location and the fact that it’s not advisable to travel there for Westerners, but even so we have to give credit where it is due.

This place looks like someone scooped-out the ice to make something that looks like a giant icy bowl with over 8000 meter high ridges. In the recesses of Concordia you’ll feel really-really small and it’s quite a long trek till you reach the sparkling basin at the bottom. And when we say long we mean about a week’s treck from the trailhead near Skardu. Those who do get to make the trip will never regret it though, because they’ll be seeing the icy face of Gasherbrum, the avalanches from Broad Peak, the Baltoro Glacier will be shifting slightly underfoot and the mighty K2 will be lording over it all.



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