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Varna trip

Varna trip

A Varna trip will have you visiting Bulgaria’s third largest city and maritime capital. Varna is quite possibly the most interesting and cosmopolitan city on the Black Sea coast and it is surely a highlight of the region.

Varna is a mixture of sorts, it is part port city, part naval base and part seaside resort. This makes it both a working city as well as a relaxing one, it definitely offers more than a few days of fun and potential sights to behold.

Thanks to this combination of ways of life, the place is packed with history but it is also totally modern, featuring both a long beach to lounge on, as well as a massive park to walk round. Varna has been very close behind Sofia and Plovdiv in experiencing a property boom, seaside real estate is always prone to this, and this offers the place a particular type of affluent swagger.

With this in mind, the place hasn’t forgotten its history, far from it in fact. The centre of the city is home to the largest Roman baths complex in the country as well as the best archaeological museum in Bulgaria. The centre is also where you’ll find a generally lively cultural and restaurant scene. The city in general is also dotted with estate agents touting holiday homes to British visitors.

Varna also has some more laid back attractions, in the shape of several art galleries, a dolphinarium, as well as the country’s only naval museum.

Some visitors use their Varna trip as a base for short day incursions into the nearby beach resorts, such as Sveti Konstantin and Golden Sands. Some other nearby locations that might be of interest are the charming smaller towns of Balchik and Dobrich.

Varna is a great place for a Bulgarian trip, especially during the summer, you can go about approaching the visit in various ways, on foot, on bike or by renting a car, either way, you’ll surely find sufficient things to occupy your time with, especially the beach will offer plenty of opportunities for fun.


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