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Valletta trip

Valletta trip

The capital of Malta is the city of Valletta, which has been listed by UNESCO to be one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world, so you know you’ll have your schedule full once you get there.

The moment you reach Valletta you’ll start to understand why that is so, because the massive fortifications and architecture that you’ll see will astound you.

The city still retains in a very well-preserved manner, most of its 16th century architecture and street layout, and this shows on one side of the city where there are many one-way streets and pedestrian zones.

One of the major sights that you’ll have to visit is the Palace of the Grandmasters. This great building was built in 1571 and has been in use ever since. First by all the Grand Masters and then in the 19th century it became the residence of the British governors and so on and so forth till the present. Visiting the place will offer a great trip to the past, both via decorations as well as the furnishings.

The next type of sight is one that is rather easy to see because you’ll be meeting with it whenever you travel around the city, namely the City Gate and the various squares. The City Gate used to be the main entrance through the bastions of the old city, but the current Gate dates from 1964.

Republic Square is a lovely plaza where the Grand Master’s Palace is located as well as the National Library. On the opposite side of those two buildings there’s a cafe which is one of the best places to sit and have a meal in the open-air.

Valletta has many other things to offer one of its most abundant offerings being quite a large number of churches, make sure you check them out.


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