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Traveling around Milan, Italy

Traveling around Milan, Italy

The northern part of Italy boasts with quite a few iconic cities, heralds of industrial and tourist success: Florence, Pisa, Genoa, Verona, Venice, San Remo and many others. But Italians and foreigners alike are particularly found of a place where you can truly feel… occidental: Milano. Today, we will be traveling around Milan, Italy. Let’s see what there is to see and how we can get there!

Milan is huge, buzzing with movement and excitement and very cosmopolitan. The first thing that strikes the eye of the visitor is the architecture, which reminds of the German style (after all, this side of Italy used to be disputed with Austria a couple centuries ago, and there is something of the Germanic rigor and tidiness in the air).

The most emblematic symbol of the city is the Duomo, an imposing Gothic cathedral began in the 14th century. From the Piazza del Duomo, you can travel to Piazza della Scala and if you are an opera lover, you must step inside the Teatro Alla Scala at least once in a lifetime.

From there, you can move to another part of town and visit the medieval (15th century) Sforza Castle.

The Santa Maria delle Grazie, counted among the UNESCO sites, is a must-see also. The amazing, famous mural “The Last Supper”, painted by Leonardo da Vinci directly on a dry wall, is hosted in the refectory of the church. Pay attention, though, entry must be booked in advance, since so many people crowd to see it every day.

There is an outstanding network of public transportation in Milan, comprising 70 surface lines (busses, trolleys and trams), four underground terminals and a sub-urban rail link. Getting around Milan can be a bit tricky, nevertheless, and time-consuming.

The best way to negotiate the town is by car, so it’s good there are Linate airport car rental and Milan car hire options to book online prior to your trip.



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