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Travel in Europe

Travel in Europe

Whether it’s France, Italy, Spain, or elsewhere us wine lovers are always thinking about how to bring back some newly discovered wine bottles home with us. The next time you are in Europe, check out the wine travel accessories available through Lazenne. Lazenne specialize in a variety of gadgets to ensure that you can safely travel with your wine on the airplane. Their coolest product is a specialized rolling wine luggage designed to enable you to check 12 wine bottles onto the plane! This carrier features wheels, a pulling strap and works in conjunction with replaceable inserts of cardboard and Styrofoam. Its light weight ensures that it doesn’t surpass the typical 23 kg (50 lbs) airline weight limit.

Check out this product video:

Another useful feature on their website, is their guide explaining the rules and regulations involved in the transportation of wine on the plane. For example, it was great to learn that there is no quantity restriction for wine as it falls below 24% alcohol content. Some other interesting facts are that travellers can bring up to 90 litres of wine duty-free between all the European Union countries, and that U.S. duty on wine, above the duty-free limit, is a meagre $0.75 to $2.00 per bottle. I know what I’ll be stocking up the next time I’m in a European wine region!



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