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Travel destinations for May (part 1)

Travel destinations for May (part 1)

The month of May is seen by many to be the early start of the holidaying season, for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere at least, so here’s a quick list of travel destinations for May.

The weather is more sunny than rainy, days are more often warm rather than chilly and it’s also a great time to travel since most places won’t be in their high-season price ranges.

Cote d’Azur – France and Monaco

It’s true that this particular destination isn’t easy to afford even in the off season – does it really have an off season? – since it’s pretty much synonymous with jet-setting VIPs, yachts and wealth in general. Also during the month of May many eyes turn to Cannes because of its famous Film Festival, and after that, there’s the noisy glamour of Monaco’s Formula One Grand Prix.

Whilst in the region you should also make it your task to visit Nice’s Musee Matisse and the Musee Picasso.

Tel Aviv – Israel

You may not know this but Tel Avians are always up for a party, regardless of what’s happening in their country around them, the month of May marks the start of a summer usually filled with concerts, events and entertainment in general.

In case the nightlife isn’t everything you’re interested in, then the great weather is ideal for exploring the city’s outdoors, take a tript to the beach and have a dip in the Mediterranean, after which you can wander round the flea markets and get involved in the street art of some neighborhoods.

Dunedin – New Zealand

A wee bit of a far away destination but the gothic bluestone architecture and remote location makes this a very special destination indeed. This is a great destination for those interested in reading and writing as the Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival is being held from 6-11 May.

We’ll continue our look into travel destinations for May in the following weeks but till then, keep our worldwide car hire services in mind.



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