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Track all flights with Air Traffic Radar

Track all flights with Air Traffic Radar

Two hundred years ago, one would have been dismissed as insane if they had claimed one day men would fly. Today, few are those who have never in their lives flown yet – even though we are talking about flying in a gigantic metal bird. Aircraft companies and flights have become a part of our lives and we are looking to monitor flights, for us and our loved ones, whenever we travel. Now we can track all flights with Air Traffic Radar.

Another great development in our lives has been tech, gadgets and the king Internet that makes our life somewhat easier, while endeavoring to become utterly indispensable to us all. Apple is a great part of this, with its super-gadget, the iPhone, a device that supports countless useful applications.

What if we told you there was such application that could track all flights from around the world? Well, there actually is such thing! It`s an app called Air Traffic Radar, compatible with both iPad and iPhone. It offers live air traffic, so people can actually see the location of the plane (displaying the flight number on tapping), and the position and info is updated and 100% accurate.

The app is optimized for iPhone 5 and requires little space: less than 3 MB. Important to note, as minimal requirements, is that it needs iOS 6.0.

This new app is optimal for people who do much travelling by plane, as well as for those who spend their time worrying for their friends or relatives while they are “up in the air”. Such an asset might set to rest much worry and stress. And though it is still new, its features and advantages show much potential. Who knows? Maybe it will soon become the next indispensable thing in our lives!