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Top value travel destinations for 2014 (part 2)

Top value travel destinations for 2014 (part 2)

Let’s continue our look at top value travel destinations for 2014 because the year isn’t getting any younger and you’d better know of your choices as early as possible.


There was a time when Easter Europe was incredibly cheap and a great destination for backpackers especially. Nowadays though, especially when it comes to the major famous cities, the costs have gone up with the crowds, but that is where Bulgaria comes in because it is still very underrated by most travel aficionados.

Besides the relatively well known destination of Sofia – Bulgaria’s Capital – there’s also Plovdiv or Varna. The latter one especially being part of the Black Sea riviera. The Black Sea coast and beaches in Bulgaria are wonderful and cheap but you need to keep an eye out for your car if you’re going there by personal car, they’ve been having some problems with hijackers and car thieves.


Portugal has been a darling of British tourists for many years now, with quite a number of them choosing the country for when they retire. The great thing is that despite this popularity the region of the Algarve is quite possibly the cheapest option for a summer holiday – especially the city of Albufeira. Keep in mind that during the high season it can get a bit more expensive and incredibly hot, but even so, it will be much cheaper than most other popular summer destination. On the other hand if you want to try it in the off-season then you’ll be getting some of the best deals possible.


Interesting to see a South Pacific island on a list of value travel destinations but Fiji is one of the most affordable slice of tropical paradise. We’re talking about a couple of islands which are aimed at backpackers.

Not as cheap as Southeast Asia, but in case you’re looking for an affordable tropical destination, you might just want to check Fiji out.

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