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Top US travel destinations for 2013 part 3

Top US travel destinations for 2013 part 3

We’re starting a new week and welcoming the last Monday in January with the final part of our Top US travel destinations for 2013, so let’s get to it then.

Northern Maine

Maine is generally known for lobster rolls, lighthouses and for being the setting of several Stephen King novels. However, this is just a part of what the state has to offer, there’s some major hiking to be done, here, white water rafting, and general other outdoorsy type activities to get involved with. The Baxter State Park is made up of two hundred thousand acres of lakes, forests and mountains, and everything that comes with such a wonderful landscape. The far north of the state is made up by Aroostook County which features miles upon miles of old rail beds which have been turned into bike trails and there are multi-day canoe trips that can be made right up to the Canadian border.

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Minneapolis and St. Paul – known as the Twin Cities – are oftentimes called U.S’s best place for biking thanks to the Nice Ride bike-share system. You should check out the Bryant-Lake Bowl – an old bowling alley that features some very good artisanal food and don’t forget about the local music Scene which you can get a taste of at the First Avenue & 7th St. Entry.

St. Paul is considerably quieter, but also worth to see, one attraction being the interesting cuisine and entertainment options.

Verde Valley, Arizona

The Verde Valley is located between Phoenix and the Grand Canyon and it’s steadily starting to become the region’s go-to destination. The region is known for spa enthusiasts thanks to Sedona, however the green canyons rimmed by red rocks and a couple more towns are starting to draw in visitors interested in other things. One of these new attractions is wine, with the Verde Valley Wine Trail linking for new vineyards in the region.

Glacier National Park, Montana

This is by far one of the country’s wildest and most remote national parks and the top favorite in many people’s minds of those who have visited it. The snowy ridges and sculpted horns tower dramatically over lakes and meadows, it’s something incredible to see in real life, that’s why it makes such an impression.


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