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Top US travel destinations for 2013 part 1

Top US travel destinations for 2013 part 1

Those of you pondering a trip to the US for this year will be needing a way of narrowing down what exactly to see and do since the place is so damn big, so this is the first part of our list with just some of the US travel destinations for 2013 that you should keep in mind.

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville has been developing a reputation for being a rather lively and offbeat cultural focus point on the Ohio River. The new part of the city, New Louisville which is either known as the East Market District or NuLu, has converted warehouses which are now local breweries, antique shops and some of the hippest restaurants in the city.

Liquor lovers cannot miss Louisville as bourbon reigns supreme here, the ember liquid itself seeing quite a jump in popularity with new upstart microdistilleries sprouting up.

Fairbanks, Alaska

Heading for this northern American destination will offer you the opportunity of seeing the greatest light-show on the planet: the northern lights. 2013 especially is expected to be a grand one for the Aurora Borealis because it will be the end of the sun’s 11-year cycle of high activity, and it makes for stronger solar flares. You should plan for a late summer holiday there or later, in order to enjoy the lights.

San Juan Islands, Washington

It is very unlikely that you’ve heard of these islands located to the north of Seattle, and are home to a very weird climate, completely different than anything around them. This is one of the secret places that foodies will simply adore, because there’s a constant supply of fresh, food thanks to the almost 250 days of sunshine each year. Veggies are always on the menu but so are fish, clams and many others.

We’ll continue our list in a future article, but keep in mind our worldwide car hire services as your means of transportation during your holiday.



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