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Top travel tech disasters (part 1)

Top travel tech disasters (part 1)

We’re continuing our series of articles based around travel and technology with a look at some of the most common tech disasters that can befall you while on your trip.

Dead batteries

This is an increasing problem in terms of modern-day travel experiences. Considering the amount of cabled, batteries, accessories and general hardware that one has to take with him or her when going on a trip, there are bound to be problems.

The dead battery problem is one that can be only solved by keeping a mental checklist of things you need. On the other hand another good idea would be to charge your camera and phone batteries whenever possible, and this is especially true when traveling or camping in remote areas.

Taking a spare or back-up battery with you might also be advisable, especially when it comes to cameras.

One option that you should keep in mind – especially if you’re an avid camper – is to bring along a universal solar-powered battery charger.

Memory card is full

This one again falls into the area of, things you have to check for beforehand. Once you fill up a memory card, you need to upload all the photos and videos to yoru computer in order to free space on the card.

The easiest solution to this problem is to also travel with another empty memory card so that you can pop it in when one fills up.

You forgot your laptop charger in your hotel room and left town

Make it part of your checklist to look at all the wall outlets of your hotel room before you check out. Also keep in mind to always pick up a hotel business card before you leave so that you can call them in case you to forget something and you can arrange to have your valuables saved or sent to your next destination.



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