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Top space-saving travel tech (part 1)

Top space-saving travel tech (part 1)

Packing for traveling can be a rather stressful activity because you want to make sure you take with you everything you need but you also don’t want to take absolutely everything you want because the luggage would get much to big and it would be a pain to carry as well as cost you a pretty penny, that’s why we’re going to look at some space-saving travel tech that the modern world has brought us.

Ebook reader

Books are a great way of sharing stories and information but unfortunately they tend to be a bit of on the heavy and voluminous side – both of which are important factors to take into consideration when packing your bags. Also if you’re taking more than one with you, those factors become even more important in your decision making and that is why ebook readers take the advantage.

While they are considerably more expensive than the books that you might want to take with you, they will always weight the same and occupy the same volume in your baggage. They have great batteries which can last you for weeks if not more, they will fit easily into your carry-on bag and can hold many more books than you’d need to read on any one trip.

More and more new ebook readers also offer basic web browsers so that you can check your email if you need to, provided you’re in a spot with wi-fi access.

Digital travel guides

Travel guides have traditionally been on paper and while those still exist they fall squarely under the earlier spot on our list, because nowadays you can get them in digital formats. There are also loads of smartphone travel apps that are updated constantly and can offer you great information by checking your GPS location. They can tell you where the best nearby restaurants are, galleries, clubs or whatever it is that you’re looking for.

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