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Tips on choosing a group tour

Tips on choosing a group tour

choosing-a-tour-groupOur tips on choosing a group tour are meant to help all of those individuals who only get a few weeks of holiday each year, which is to say most people. That time is that much more precious than it would be otherwise and that’s why it makes sense to delegate travel planning to someone else and that’s where the group tour option can be a relevant option.

Compare group tour options in the same category

There is very little point in trying to choose between wildly different options, such as a 30-day bus trip or a small group adventure that will occasionally use some public transport, there are no real terms of comparison between the two.

So the first thing you need to do is to settle on the precise type of tour that you want before anything else. Do some research in this respect because going to a travel agency you’ll surely get one or two pitches for certain tours and that’s why many people go on tours they dislike, because they are sold something that’s wrong for them.

Once you are clear on what type of tour you want make sure to check the fine print. This is a piece of advice that should be common sense by now regardless of what you purchase but it deserves special mention here because even if there are several operators running similar tours, it doesn’t always mean that the cheapest will offer you best value.

No extras

In order to keep your budget in check don’t book any pre-and-post-trip accommodation or airport transfers through your tour company because it will always be cheaper to get those things independently. Whether we’re talking about booking accommodations or airport transfers, private taxi transfers will usually be more expensive through your tour company than if you were to just book them independently.

About commissions

Keep an eye on commissions, because these are rampant within the travel industry, and even those tour operators who say they have a ‘no commission’ rule will still find ways of charging extra for various activities during the trip such as shopping trips and such, keep an eye out for those.



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