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Tips for safer travel (part 4)

Tips for safer travel (part 4)

Today we’ll be looking at some other tips for safer travel and we’ll be starting with a couple of rather delicate subject matters.

Don’t be a hero

If you’re mugged, give over your wallet, watch or whatever. This is a good and simple rule for wherever you may be but it’s that much more poignant when traveling. If you’re insured and you’ve left the important and irreplaceable stuff at home, then give up whatever material object they’re asking for and walk away uninjured.

buddhist monkDon’t give to beggars

Now there are some exceptions to this rule, such as monks seeking alms for instance but as a general rule, make a habit of not giving away money to people on the street. Besides the fact that you’ll be getting your wallet or purse out – thus making it much more possible for someone to simply take it from your hands – you are actually encouraging further begging and this is not the best use of neither your money nor your goodwill. If you are so inclined to help the less fortunate, consider volunteering some time or donating some money to a local charity for the homeless.

Careful use of your credit card at an Internet café

You should be aware that computers in Internet cafes may have key-logger software or hardware that will be recording your keystrokes. This means that whoever has access to that data can view your username and password, or easily grab your credit card details. Best way to avoid this will be to not go to Internet cafes and use your credit card for anything, it’s simply safer.

Do not pet stray dogs and cats

Maybe you’re missing your pets at home, or you simply love animals. Keep in mind that stray animals might be carrying rabies or other parasites and who knows what else. You may not be used to seeing stray cats and dogs and think that they’ll behave like pets, they may not.