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Tips for safer travel (part 3)

Tips for safer travel (part 3)

baggageToday we’ll be continuing our list of tips for safer travel so as to have a better understanding of how to not get into trouble while abroad.

Avoid public displays of affluence

Depending on where you’re traveling, it’s very likely that you will be wealthier than most of the locals, and it would be considered a good idea to not advertise this. Try to avoid wearing flashy jewelry or carrying a two thousand dollar camera around your neck. Leave your jewelry at home and keep your camera in its camera bag when you’re not using it, this way you’ll be reducing the chance of thieves eyeing you.

Some activities are better learned at home

It might seem like a nice fun adventurous idea to learn how to ride a motorbike or a jet ski while visiting a foreign country, but that is most likely unwise. For instance, in Thailand, 38 people die in scooter accident each day, and there are some travel insurance policies that will not cover scooter-related injuries.

Carefully read the fine print and certificates of instructors

When planning to take a specialist course – say scuba diving – or something risky – bungee jumping –make sure to carefully check the qualifications of the operators and that they have a good safety record. It’s your health at risk here you’ll want to return from your holiday still in one piece.

Do not leave your belongings unattended in public

This is another one of those common sense tips but you’d be surprised how often people do this. This is linked to the ‘look back’ tip from our first article, because many people will leave their bags either at their feet or hanging from the back of their chairs in a café or restaurant. One good way to avoid this is to either keep them on your lap or wrap their strap around your leg.



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