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These are the best 5 cities to spend Christmas – Part 2

These are the best 5 cities to spend Christmas – Part 2

These are the best 5 cities to spend Christmas especially in Europe. There are very many options, but we are only going to explore the remaining two from our list for today.
The two destinations we are going to be presenting today just might sound a bit eccentric at first, but as a matter of fact there is a charm to them. Usually you would assimilate Christmas and the New Year with white blankets of snow and a “healthy” cold breath of air, but the same festive atmosphere can be felt in a warm destination as well. So here are the two destinations for today:
4. It is not uncommon for it to be as warm as 20 degrees Celsius in December here, yet Barcelona is one of the coolest places to spend the winter season. A walk around the city, mass at the majestic Sagrada Familia and tapas galore by the sea, here are just a few of the delights that are in for you, not to mention that the weather will most probably be gorgeous. Barcelona car hire will provide the best sets of wheels you need to visit the city. Barcelona is a truly unique place, one that entices you and makes you fall in love with it and want to come back again and again.
5. Madeira might be called the Island of the Eternal Spring, but at the same time it is one of the greatest winter destinations as well. New Year’s Eve is amazing in Funchal, where one of the greatest fireworks displays in the world is presented to the crowds every year. But Christmas here is equally amazing, with all the traditions to make the season bright and all the amazing excitements of the island life available. Funchal airport transfers can fare you into the city and towards the Christmas trip of your life!



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