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These are the best 5 cities to spend Christmas – Part 1

These are the best 5 cities to spend Christmas – Part 1

These are the best 5 cities to spend Christmas and we are going to give you solid arguments in favor of this is just a second:
Prague is really an unexpected fairytale city. It is perfect for a chilly and white season and it retains all the European charm of centuries long gone with its amazing 17th century architecture, bridges over the Vltava and of course, with a hot cup of wine savored at the Prague Christmas Market. If you need to get around the city in a stylish and accessible manner, you can book your Prague airport transfers online.
Vienna is a destination you simply cannot miss during the winter season. The capital city of Austria is regarded as the place with the highest life standard in the world, and style and elegance are indeed visible in every breath you breathe in this amazing city. You can listen to the Vienna Orchestra, waltz  to a Strauss waltz in the warm embrace of your loved one, take a ride on a coach or visit one of the many museums in town or the Christmas Market. And the amazing thing about it all is that this can all be done at a very affordable price, as this is by far one of the most reasonably priced European capitals.
Paris could never have missed from such a list and the intensely lit glamor of the Champs Elysees will make the season even brighter, as you can easily imagine. Paris needs no introduction or description, but I will tell you a late afternoon walk through the town center by the Seine or a visit to Versailles just outside of the city will make the season jolly. A Paris transfer can prove to be a great way to roam around the city.



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