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The amazing Ancient Romans

The amazing Ancient Romans

Our history defines us and one of the civilizations that shaped the world is the Latin one. We sometimes tend to forget about the amazing Ancient Romans, although it all pretty much comes back when we visit the beautiful Italy and the well preserved ruins of Rome as it was once upon a time. But here are more amazing facts about some of the proudest ancestors of the Europeans:

1. Due to… well, mostly Hollywood, we tend to believe gladiator fights in the Ancient Roman Empire were the most popular of all forms of entertainments. Our mind’s eye already sees the huge arenas and amphitheatres filled with roaring crowds. But the fact is there was one activity that ranked even higher in the Romans’ preferences. And that is chariot racing. The favorite venue was Circus Maximus, which could sit over 250.000 spectators.

2. Ancient Rome could be a ruthless place… so emperors could be quite paranoid. They also could never be too careful, so they poisoned themselves every day (to gain immunity against possible assassination attempts).

3. The first mall in the world was built in the 1st century AD by Emperor Trajan in Rome. It had 150 stores distributed on several stories selling most everything from food and spices to clothes.

4. The Romans were actually quite modern, having public toilets as well as knowledge on contraception (although their idea of it could be a bit eccentric, such as inserting oil or honey in the vagina.

5. One of the oldest and most famous buildings in Rome is the Colosseum. Romans used to come here to watch the games or attend festivities. It can be visited today in the Italian capital city. If you want to get the best of your experience here, you really should have a car at your disposal, so Rome airport car hire can help you there.