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The ABC’s of planning a successful trip to Lisbon

The ABC’s of planning a successful trip to Lisbon

The capital city of Portugal is slowly turning into one of the hottest destinations in Europe. It is beautiful, traditional and accessible, so it should definitely make the top of your list. The ABC’s of planning a successful trip to Lisbon will walk you through the essential tips. Let’s see what we see in town and what to expect when traveling to Portugal!

Portugal is relatively inexpensive as a tourist destination, at least if you compare it to Western European destinations. This is a reason why English, Dutch, Scandinavian and even American tourists stop by Lisbon every day, making its airport buzz with activity.

And still, Lisbon city preserves a quiet atmosphere. The charm of the place is given by its traditional architecture, a mixture of Manueline and rustic choices. Most houses are white with red rooftops. There are imposing cathedrals to see (like the Se), prestigious museums to visit, winding cobblestone streets to walk. You can do this with a complete Lisbon tour, for instance. If you are good with maps, you can rent a car in Lisbon and if you want to play golf here (that sounds odd, but Portugal is one of the world’s top golf destinations), you can employ some Lisbon golf transfers to take you to and from the course.

The currency in Portugal in Euro. If you are traveling from outside the European Union, you should exchange your money at home rather than do this on site – just a thought.

The local language is Portuguese, though in Lisbon at least, people also speak Spanish and decent English, so communication is not likely to be a great problem.

Apart from the city center, there are place to visit in and around Lisbon. One of the greatest one is Belem, with its tower erected in homage of the great age of conquests.

Outside the city, you should really visit Fatima and Sintra.