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Tenerife, a top golf destination

As a leading worldwide tourist destination, Spain offers ample entertainment, particularly in its exotic islands....

Tenerife, a top golf destination
posted on: Jul 24, 2015 | author: Meredith Smith

A short history of Tenerife

The Spanish islands of Tenerife are today regarded as some of the most popular international tourist destinations, but...

A short history of Tenerife
posted on: Jun 15, 2015 | author: Meredith Smith

Fabulous Autumn Destinations: Canary ...

Dear friends, today we continue our exploration of the most exquisite places to go see the colors of fall. Though they...

Fabulous Autumn Destinations: Canary Islands and Madagascar (Part 2)
posted on: Oct 20, 2014 | author: Meredith Smith