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Super-spicy foods and where to find them (part 1)

Super-spicy foods and where to find them (part 1)

When it comes to food preferences, most people will be more than satisfied with basic and mild tastes and aromas, but some of us are true ‘chiliheads’, we love to eat incredibly spicy foods and we’ll go out in search for the most spicy so here is a quick look at some very little known super-spicy foods and where to find them.

Torta Ahogada – Guadalajara, Mexico

The torta ahogada – which literally means “drowned sandwich” – is seen as a cure for everything from hangovers to heartbreak.

The sandwich is made of a bunch of roast pork and pickled onions on a local birote roll. The “drowned” part comes in when we talk about how the sandwich is offered, either half-dipped or entirely submerged in flaming red chile de arbol sauce. The experience of eating one is incredibly spicy and moist, considering how the hot juices will be running down your arms but it’s worth it for the sensation.

The most classic or ‘traditional’ way of trying a torta ahogada is during a football match at Guadalajara’s Estadio Jalisco, where the vendors sell them in plastic bags, but in case you’re not into sports that much you can still get it from a street vendor or bistro.

Laap/Larb – Laos, Isan region, Thailand

This is a staple dish in Laos, laap or ‘larb’ as it is found on Thai menus is a ground meat salad springled with lime juice and fish sauce, and then tossed with fragrant toasted ground rice and lots of incredibly spicy bird chilis.

The traditional way of having laap/larb is with Laotian-style sticky rice and makes for an awesome lunch or dinner. But that is not the only way because laap can also come with a range of refreshing vegetable, from tiny striped eggplants to cucumbers and sprigs of mint.

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