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Suceava trip

Suceava trip

A Suceava trip will have you visiting what was the capital of Moldova during the Middle Ages, one of the oldest cities in the country featuring a lot of historical sights and attractions and a complex and diverse character that has been developing over the many centuries of its existence.

The city has been a major spot for trading throughout history considering its proximity to the borders of both current-day Romania as well as those of the feudal state of Moldova.

One of the major historic sights that Suceava has to offer is the ruins of the King’s Palace, this complex was built to supervise the main road into town. Unfortunately it was destroyed and never rebuilt, but it is a great tourist attraction and offers a bit of insight into the very violent history that this region of Europe has seen.

The current-day Bucovina Museum Complex started life in 1895, making it one of the older such institutions in the country. Its collection started with the artifacts gathered from the digs at the King’s Palace as well as donations and other archaeological discoveries. Nowadays the complex features an astounding number of artifacts ranging from archaeological collections to folk art and culture, natural sciences and ethnography as well.

While not precisely inside the city, the Putna Monastery is a building of both actual history as well as legend in the country. The legend part of the thing comes from the method in which, it was reported that Stephen the Great chose the placing of the new church. It is said that he fired an arrow from atop a mountain, and where the arrow fell is where the church was built. Whether or not that’s true or not, we can’t really be sure, but what we can be sure of is that work on the church began on the 10th of July 1466 and would be finished on the 3rd of September 1469. The Monastery offers a great time capsule to the past via its many different architectural and decorative styles.

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