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A stop in Spain: Javea

A stop in Spain: Javea

With its cold snows and sunless days, winter is not the greatest time to travel, they say. But what if they were wrong? In hopes of (at least mentally) escaping the cold and snow, let’s make a stop in Spain: Javea is the town we are going to talk about today.

Perhaps not many of you have heard about this fascinating small historical town, but it is interesting to know that Spain is more than just Barcelona and Madrid. There are thousands of places to visit, and we chose Javea because this is the place to go if you want to taste the true Spanish life in a true city, a small resort that has it all, from real-life scenes to tourist attractions, sunny beaches and caves by the Mediterranean Sea, as well as steep mountains, markets and impressive old buildings built with minute Tosca stone porticos.

Located in the Valencia region, just an hour and a half away from Alicante City, Javea used to be an old fishing port. This local history is apparent in the cuisine, Mediterranean, aboundant in fish dishes and specific fruits and vegetables.

In the old town, you are most welcome to stop by the restaurants or coffee shops and enjoy a minute just watching the people go by in their own rhythm. The church of San Bartoleme dominates the landscape, offering shelter, a moment of peace and a beautiful reminder of Gothic architecture.

Do you like windmills? If you do, you will also get a breath of Holland here! It is the same with golf, here you can find the best courses in the area and the quietest.

The last stop in Javea that is an absolute must is the marketplace. This is a hallmark of the town, where you can admire and purchase the most exquisite traditional product, especially food and handicrafts.

And if you need a rental car in Javea to navigate the place, you will be happy to know that the prices are quite accessible as well.