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Spearfishing essentials: investing into your gear for your holiday adventure

Spearfishing essentials: investing into your gear for your holiday adventure

You can start your first day of holiday with a great adventure into the see by diving in great places.

Spearfishing is exciting and if you are interested in it, you should know that it takes quite an investment when it comes to acquiring spearfishing gear. It’s best to try asking some friends first or rent some gear to try it out.

First of all, you will need a diving mask. Always choose one that is the most comfortable. Also, make sure to pick an inconspicuous color, as you don’t want to be seen during spearfishing. The snorkel is an essential piece of gear and a good snorkel will increase your chances of success. Choose the most comfortable one. A valveless model is a better choice as the valve may impair you more once you dive underwater completely because the drag is worse.

The fins may be more rigid or elastic, and you can choose between open heel and full foot models. All of this is a matter of personal preference, but it’s good to know that full foot and rigid models usually give more power per stroke. The wetsuit will protect you from both cold waters and the sun. It’s best to choose a camouflage wet-suit. Diving gloves are also important; they give you a firm grip so you can easily hold even the most slippery fish. You can choose between cotton or neoprene models – the cotton ones are cheaper, but the neoprene ones last much longer. Your spear-gun is the centerpiece. There are two models: the pneumatic ones or the rubber powered ones. The bigger the fish, the more powerful the gun should be. As a beginner, you should choose a 1.1 to 1.2m spear-guns. Also, don’t forget your diving knife – you have to kill the fish after spearing it and also could be a very good tool for any kind of danger you can encounter in the sea.

You can buy the all the gear from dive shops or you could try finding some second hand gear as well. This depends on how much you are willing to spend on the gear really. No matter where you buy it, make sure an experienced spearo accompanies you, so you can be sure that you make all the right choices.

Enjoy your holiday with a great adventure into the deep blue sea.



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