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Social camper website for camping reviews

Social camper website for camping reviews

Camping enthusiasts now get to congregate on a specially-designed camping review site just for them, where they can talk about various places they’ve visited and the experiences they’ve had there.

The website is meant to work like any other social networking website but the main difference being that it focuses exclusively on camping and everything that revolves around this activity.

Joining the website will make it much easier to find centralized information on one particular destination you may be interested in visiting. This can be a great boon to your planning capabilities because you can find out about places to stay, or places to not stay at, as well as which local attractions are truly worth your time and money.

Also it’s a great way of keeping up with what your social network friends are doing and where they’re going because they can post photos and camping reviews of the places they visit.

Of course you might get to see pictures and small status updates on the other social networking sites that you and your friends use, but rarely do they go into any detail in regards to the places they’ve been.

This is where the site is different, because it is meant exactly for those types of details and reviews to be posted. People can come here particularly to see and share exactly that sort of information. Not to mention that you can get much more pertinent updates from your traveling buddies.

You can use the website as a place to store your vacation photographs and make specialized albums to share with your friends, as well as sharing video of course.

If you happen to be a camping enthusiast and you have a bunch of friends or acquaintances who share your passion, then signing up for this social camper site has to be one of the things you do before going on your next trip.



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