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Skopje trip

Skopje trip

Macedonia’s capital of Skopje fits very well within the many stereotypes of present-day Eastern European cities, especially when it comes to how it looks, with Communist-era grey and featureless housing blocks dominating the skyline and public buildings which are square behemoths.

One might get the initial feeling of griminess and general greyness, however if you take the time to look a bit under the surface, you’ll find a different city, one in which you’ll find delicate minarets rising above cobbled lanes and Orthodox churches can be found neat historic Ottoman buildings.

The river Vardar separates the city into two parts, the old and the new, divide which is also apparent with the Muslim and Orthodox populations. The raging river however is spanned by the beautiful Stone Bridge.

The south part of Skopje is dominated by modern life, with its stylish bars and cafes, all of which are constantly awash in fashion-conscious young adults. One thing that you’re less likely to find here is the English stag-party crowd, which tends to overflow in many more well-known European capitals as of late.

In the other part of town you’ll find the older part of town which is also where you’ll find the Old Bazaar. This is the best place in Skopje where you can simply have fun by walking around. Visiting the tiny, square little one floor shops with their pastel shades is like walking back in time, and the narrow cobbled streets only help to drive that impression home. The entire place has a very Turkish feel to it, because mosques can also be found amongst the shops, and the shopkeepers with their pillbox tupi hats try to sell everything from hand made crafts to kebabs.

Those who enjoy experimenting a place’s culture through the local gastronomy – and really what better way to do it – will absolutely love this place, the local traditional cuisine is ever-present and those in the know won’t be disappointed by the local wines either.


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