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Singapore local tips

Singapore local tips

Touring Singapore: The Best Tips From a Local

Singapore is an incredible city that is both beautiful and distinctly unique. There are many ways to enjoy this great city, but from a local perspective, nothing is better than experiencing it on a personal level. One of the easiest ways to delve deeper into what Singapore has to offer is through the use of a service apartment. Serviced apartments for rent in Singapore allow visitors the chance to really experience what life in this great place is all about! If you’re planning a trip here soon, then you really need to see about staying in a serviced apartment.


Experience the Culture of Singapore In an Authentic Way

Hotels bring visitors the opportunity to get a taste of what Singapore has to offer. Serviced apartments, on the other hand, allow visitors to get an entire meal! The culture of Singapore is exciting and unique. It’s a blend of the modern with a focus on the traditions of the past. From fantastic cuisine to one-of-a-kind shopping experiences, a serviced apartment gives you the chance to see everything that Singapore has to offer because you’re literally in the middle of everything!

Many times the idea of a serviced apartment is ignored because there is the perception that the cost of one is more than a hotel room. Serviced apartments for rent in Singapore are often much cheaper than hotel rooms are over a long term perspective, but despite the cost savings, you still receive the same benefits that make staying in a hotel great! You get full security protection, access to modern amenities, and full housekeeping services. The only thing that is missing is room service, but that is replaced by the chance to create your own meals in your own kitchen!


You Truly Get the Chance To Have a Quiet Retreat

The primary complaint that people have with hotels is that there is an overall lack of privacy. With sometimes hundreds or even thousands of guests all staying in the same place, lives have to be intertwined – even if that social closeness is unwanted. With a serviced apartment, you get to experience a home life as if you truly lived here in Singapore. A small complex, friendly neighbors, and the opportunity to have a true level of privacy when you close your front door.


Many Serviced Apartments Have Central Locations

The other reason why serviced apartments aren’t considered before hotels is because there is a perception that any traveling or commuting would be more difficult. The opposite is actually true! Most serviced apartments offer an easy access to Singapore’s primary shopping and business districts, allowing you an effective way to explore your chosen points of interest.


Affordable, clean, and convenient, serviced apartments for rent in Singapore are the affordable luxury alternative to the standard hotel stay. With the chance to cook your own meals and have enhanced levels of privacy, you’ll find that living in Singapore has never been easier or more fun. Take the advice of a local – don’t spend your money on a hotel chain. Stay in a serviced apartment instead!



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