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Sarajevo trip

Sarajevo trip

Despite the hardships that the people of Bosnia & Herzegovina have been through during the past couple of decades, one can only marvel at how they managed to create such a living and vibrant city, in its capital, Sarajevo.

Those who are planning on a Sarajevo trip will be astounded to know that in the 1990s this place was almost destroyed due to the civil strife that ravaged this part of Europe, however it managed to somehow regenerate from its ashes into a very popular tourist destination.

Sarajevo can be considered a living museum, filled with history because it has been one of the most interesting and varied cities on the entire continent for many hundreds of years, because it was a crossing point where the East and West met.

The type of heritage can be seen all throughout the city, there are mosques, churches and cathedrals all next to each other, alongside municipal buildings constructed by both the Ottoman Turks and the Austrio-Hungarians.

Sarajevo has a bridge of extraordinary historical importance, the Latin Bridge is where on 28 June 1914 the assassination of Archduke of the Austrian Hungarian empire Franz Ferdinand sparked what would become World War I. There’s a plaque set there to commemorate the event.

The place has developed a particular type of charm alongside its historic importance as well, with rattly trams circling the city centre where you can find a bazaar which works much as it had in the long past. It’s an ancient place of trading where you can find artisan workshops, coffee drinking dens, cosy bars, eateries and of course endless numbers of souvenir choices.

There’s an interesting atmosphere to the place, something that feels like a big-village type of place, the type of atmosphere that makes you feel at home and comfortable even though you may not speak the language or understand the customs.

The wonderful thing about Sarajevo is that one doesn’t need to do a lot in order to appreciate it, you can easily cover it on foot, and you might actually want to if you want to take in as much of the atmosphere as possible.


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