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Reasons to visit Europe during the winter

Reasons to visit Europe during the winter

Today we’ll be talking about some reasons to visit Europe during the winter, but they’re all based around the idea of waiting till January of February and you’ll see why in a bit.

Hit the road during the off-season

Once the rush of the Christmas and New Year’s is done with, then you’ll start to see a virtual wave of deals and offers coming from typically summer destinations. This is when they hit the off-peak season so take advantage of it. Obviously the places won’t be as warm or hot as they’d be during the summer, but they’ll be a hell of a lot warmer than most of Europe, and some will enjoy a week or two of break from the cold, snow and blizzards.

In the south of Europe the weather is always fine

This is what we were talking about earlier, while the southern part of Europe won’t be as warm as it is during the peak summer season, it will still be at least balmy. Places like the southern parts of Spain, Portugal, Sicily, Cyprus and Crete are all great destinations. In fact, some might prefer visiting these places during this season as they do not like dealing with the oven-like temperatures during the summer, so it’s a win-win.

Go where the frost is

There are of course those who do not have a problem with frigid temperatures, lashing winds and mountains of snow, in fact those are the characteristics that offer an extra layer of charisma to many of Europe’s classic city destinations. There’s nothing quite like seeing a snowy and icy European castle, especially for Medieval enthusiasts.

Enjoy the lack of crowds

Considering that the wintery hot-spots will be filled almost to bursting with tourists, the summer destinations are devoid of the amount of tourists that they would usually see during their peak season. It’s great to have streets, shops and tourist attractions without the buzz of other visitors.

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