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Quarteira trip

Quarteira trip

A Quarteira trip will take you to the central region of the Algarve coastline, a settlement that dates back from at least Roman times. Rest assured that recent years of development have created a very modern town and one of the major tourist centers of the Algarve, well-known for wonderful beaches, great seafood and its woods of stone pine.

The Quarteira Beach is a very lovely, clean and wide beach, featuring the very charming palm-lined promenade, the Avenida Infante de Sagres, running along behind it, which in turn is populated with a plethora of eateries and such.

The water is very clear and calm, thanks to a series of breakwaters, so the long sandy beach plus the safe water makes Quarteira a great destination for a family holiday. Despite it being an extremely popular tourist destination, the town still has a fishing community and you can find and see the fishermen working at the western end of the beach. As a result of this, the shellfish culinary delights are simply out of this world, and there’s nothing like getting some freshly grilled sardines and cataplanas in order to get into the culinary culture of the place.

If the sun, sea, sand and shellfish prove to not be enough for your holiday then Quarteira has a lot more to offer as well, for instance golf enthusiasts will love the region on the whole, since its surrounded by some of the best golf courses in the Algarve – and Algarve golf courses are some of the best in Europe.

For those with children, there are a plethora of water parks, water sports and other types of activities that they can engage in.

But of course you don’t have to limit your holiday to Quarteira, with the help of our Algarve car rental services you can visit its surroundings as well as other locations in the region.



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