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Portugal, the ultimate golf destination, Porto

Portugal, the ultimate golf destination, Porto

Did you know that the original golf balls were made of hard, solid wood? Later on, as the sport developed, they started being made of feather contained by a leather pouch.

Did you also know that to play this noble sport in Europe, you should go to Portugal, the ultimate golf destination, Porto being the first place where golf was played?

Although the Portuguese region of the Algarve currently holds the first position as national golfing destination, actually the tradition of this sport in Portugal emerged from Oporto. The first golf club in Portugal was built by Charles Neville Skeffington. The Skeffington Cup, played every year since 1891, is the oldest golfing competition in Portugal. In the “Espinho Golf Week”, contenders fight for one of the three cups: the Kendell, the Dockery and the Skeffington.

As such exciting golfing events take place in this sunny Atlantic country, there is an entire golf industry centered around the popular activity. There are companies that sell or hire golf clubs, hotels conveniently located near the golf courses and transportation to and from the golf courses.

Transportation between the accommodation in Porto or around it and the course where you play is important, because you have to take your golf clubs and gear with you and these can be quite heavy to carry. Plus, you may be traveling with your friends, so having a larger vehicle at your disposal might be a very good idea. For this, we advise you take the time and book a Porto golf transfer in advance online.

The best golf courses in Porto and the Northern region of Portugal count Amarante Golf, City Golf, Miramar, Oporto Golf Club, Quinta do Fojo or Quinta da Barca, as well as Rilhadas and Vidago. These are just some of the places where you can come and exercise your dexterity and coordination at playing golf!



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