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Porto trip

Porto trip

The city of Porto is located in a hilly area and at the mouth of the Rio Duoro. On a Porto trip you’ll see a blend of various styles and eras, from narrow and cobblestoned medieval alleyways, to rather massive Baroque churches, with tiny squares and wide boulevards.

Going on a Porto trip can mean many things to different people, but there are a couple of places that you won’t want to miss while you’re there, starting of course with its historic district, the Ribeira district.

This Unesco World Heritage zone is characterized by zigzagging staircases, winding lanes and tiled churches which peek around every corner. Traditions from the olden days have been maintained by modern day tripeiros – Porto residents – who still take great pleasure from mingling before old storefronts, on small village-style plazas and old commerce houses located on the same spot where once Roman building stood. It is unfortunate however, that the city center as well as other parts of the city shows many dilapidated early-20th-century town houses which have been left in disrepair as more recent generations have chosen to move towards the suburbs which  hug the coast.

It can’t be all great however, the last couple of decades have seen Porto go through something of a renaissance, adding in an efficient metro system as well as quite a few urban renewal projects in various parts of town.

In fact, recent additions to the town’s architecture have made it something of a pilgrimage site for architecture buffs, namely the Museu de Arte Contemporanaea and the Casa da Musica. These are just a few landmarks of how youthful infusion is slowly returning to the centre, shown by the arrival of new galleries and boutiques.

This renaissance has also spurred on something of a culinary renewal trend as well, with quite a few progressive restaurants opening their doors in recent years.

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