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Places to not miss in 2013

Places to not miss in 2013

Let’s start off the year in posts with talking about some regions that you should keep in mind for your 2013 travel plans.

Corsica, France

This Mediterranean island has been a mix of Italian and French culture for many years, all within a very rugged and sometimes furious beauty. The island is great for both travelers who want to explore the unique mix of cultures, but also for those who like to trek and hike through rugged landscapes.

Mustang, Nepal

Despite what the name implies, we’re talking about a rugged and rather harsh region of Asia here.  The completion of a road connecting Mustang to both China and the rest of Nepal will make a lot of difference in this region. Called by some ‘little Tibet’ because of its remoteness, this is a rather unique place. While politically it is part of Nepal, when it comes to culture, climate, language and even geography it’s pretty much Tibet.

The place was closed off to the outside world till 1992, and even after that day it was only opened to a few hundred a year, however nowadays everyone can enter, however the pricey trekking permit kept numbers down, however that will change with the completion of the road most likely.

The Yukon, Canada

This vast and very thinly populated wilderness should be on any list in any year, and I think it actually is. This snowy expanse has a grandeur and a beauty that you can only truly appreciate in person. If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting the place and experiencing all of this, then you should get going because climate change will most likely change the place much faster than previously anticipated, and the region’s mineral wealth will surely increase its population.

Chachapoyas and Kuelap, Peru

The placid mountain city of Chachapoyas isn’t a place that you’ve probably heard of, because it’s small, quiet and very difficult to reach. However this town is located at the centre of some of Peru’s most incredible cultural and natural treasures. There’s a nearby valley filled with pre-Inca ruins, the funerary site of Karajia and not to mention also one of the world’s tallest waterfalls.


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