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Pizza by the region (part 2)

Pizza by the region (part 2)

Today we’re continuing to look into the history of pizza and how the various regions of Italy influenced what is now a world-wide ambassador of Italian cuisine. Our trip continues with a stop in Naples.

The exact and precise origins of pizza may still be up for discussion, but something that we do know is that Naples is responsible for making the definitive and modern version of the pizza since about 1889. This is about the time when chef Raffaele Esposito dressed the classical pizza margherita in green – basil, white – mozzarella and red – tomato, in order to match the flag of the newly independent Italy. Over in the US there have been pizza-related squabbles going on for years, even decades between New York pizza makers and the Chicago deep-dish variety, but the original Italy pizza is protected. In 2009 the original hand-formed, wood-fired Neapolitan pizza was recognized by the European Union under the badge of Guaranteed Traditional Specialty.

The margherita is indeed the diva of Italian pizzas, however Naples also created the red pizzas, and even though it may sound like folly to forgo cheese in the country’s mozzarella capital, but the pizza marinara doesn’t need it because garlic, oregano and extra virgin olive oil are all the condiments necessary for this Neapolitan creation.

For another, but more modern variation this time, of the pizza we have to head over to Milan, and Milan and Napoli have been rivals in Italian fashion for quite a while, so it makes sense that they would be rivals on the pizza front as well. While Naples tends to prefer the calzone – a pizza that is folded over and pinched closed before baking – the Milanese have developed a smaller version of this design, mini pizza pockets named panzerotti, which feature Milanese salami.

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