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Pitesti trip

Pitesti trip

A Pitesti trip will see you visiting what is called by some to be “tulip town”, the capital and largest town in Arges county.

From a historical stand-point the town’s first documentary mention comes from the 20th of May 1388, when the ruler of the land, Mircea the Old, mentions the town as being a commercial, crafting and agricultural centre. Now that’s a pretty old town however the settlement has been for far longer than that, archaeological digs showing that the area has been inhabited since even before Dacian times.

Now we mentioned something about tulips earlier, and we have to follow up on it. Forty years ago, three thousand tulip bulbs were planted and to the surprise and pleasure of the locals, the following year they all blossomed into flowers, and this started the flower landscaping obsession of the city. As the years went by, more and more bulbs were purchased, from a variety of strains and species so that the tulips are in bloom starting with the middle of March till the middle of May. The virtual floral exposition that can be seen in the centre of Pitesti has the unofficial name of The Tulip Symphony.

Now that we were talking about the city centre this is a great place to simply go for a walk, to enjoy the upper mentioned flower arrangements but also the plethora of bars and outdoor cafes. Pitesti is just like any other Romanian city, cafes and bars are part of the culture, and usually you can find the best ones in the centre.

Art lovers will have a few places that may capture their interest, such as the Pitesti Art Gallery, which even though it cannot compete with the more well-known and much larger ones from other parts of the country, still has quite a few interesting and valued works of modern and contemporary art to offer.

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