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A Perfect Countryside Holiday in Looe

A Perfect Countryside Holiday in Looe

The hope of spring and its merry heralds are not that far away. And along with spring comes the hope of sun and pleasant weather so we can plan the best getaways from reality.

While some of the people who enjoy traveling will tell you the ultimate pursuit is a vacation to a posh place where you can gamble or spend endless hours in a spa, there are many who enjoy far more authentic experiences, outdoors, enjoying the simple pleasures of life like the wind playing in your hair while on horseback or simply chasing a dog around the garden or the meadow. I don’t know about you, but frankly speaking, I go for the second variant a thousand times plus one!

No posh casino or inside swimming pool could ever beat a Perfect Countryside Holiday in Looe in our very own Cornwall, UK. In my travels, I can honestly say I was rarely lucky enough to come across such nice people and peaceful, beautiful nature as in Wilton Mill Farm, so I thought I’d share this experience with you.

Set around 14 acres of the beautiful Pelynt countryside, there is a select group of Holiday Cottages Looe that you can send a booking request online for. The cottages have one or two bedrooms and modern facilities couples with a rustic style, with wood beams and stone walls. They are also perfect for kids, since they have ample space to play, both indoors and outdoors.

Along with the welcoming hosts, Mike and Jean, you will be thrilled to know the meet and greet committee also includes 3 cats, 2 dogs, 4 horses, 4 chickens and 6 goats all living in perfect harmony!

You can have an idyllic, quiet holiday in Looe, but also enjoy plenty of activity, since in the village, you can visit the Monkey Sanctuary and romantic dinners in one of the restaurants, while just outside it, 10 km away from Wilton Mill Farm, you can Polperro, a wonderful historic fishing village.

Your stay there will be just like coming home!



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