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Paris trip

There is very little more that can be said about Paris that hasn’t already been said many hundreds of times over. France’s capital might actually be in a unique situation in which pretty much every superlative has been used to describe the city, its people or its atmosphere and tourist attractions. The Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame have been described so many times in so many articles and the differences between the Left and Right Banks of the Seine have similarly been talked about in numerous types of media that one might find it a bit superfluous in continuing to do it.

Despite this people still do it, because there’s something about the grandness and atmosphere of the place that cannot be described as easily in words as it can be actually experienced with one’s senses, hence why people will continue to describe those places in an attempt to make other intrigued enough to visit them for themselves.

Paris most probably has the most famous and familiar landmarks in the entire world, the aforementioned Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Seine or the Champs Elysees, and first-time visitors generally come to the city with a loaded backpack of expectations in regards to grand vistas, romantic couples along the Seine and rude people who refuse to speak English.

Those thing are certainly there, if you look hard enough, but there are better ways of approaching a visit to Paris, one would be to set aside those expectations and take it on yourself to explore the city’s backstreets and avenues, and take in the atmosphere of a Parisian cafe with a croissant and an actual French roast.

What you’ll discover with this approach is that you Paris is truly enchanting almost everywhere you’d go, season notwithstanding.

One interesting type of attractions that most are not aware of, but which most could take interest in is the array of flea markets that Paris has, there are actually 3 main flea-markets which can be found on the outskirts of the city’s centre. There are great focal points for lovers of second-hand goods, retro fashion and antiques.


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