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Paphos trip and history

Paphos trip and history

A Paphos trip will have you traveling to the southwestern tip of Cyprus, to a place situated between the refreshing coast and the intriguing Troodos Mountains.

Paphos is a bit of a mixed bag, some might say, on the one hand the weather is great, the food is lovely and the people are welcoming, on the other, some might find it a bit too tourist-centric, with a bit too much concrete and traffic for their liking.

The truth is somewhere in the middle, and if you manage to glide past the over-touristy aspect of the town and find the history and charm, you’ll surely enjoy your trip there.

One such example of history are the Tombs of the Kings. That name is a bit misleading though, when you hear Tomb of Kings your thoughts might fly to the Egyptian Valley of the Kings, where many of their rulers were buried. This is not the case here, while those who were buried in the Paphos Tombs of the Kings were surely rich individuals, there are no kings buried here. Also, you should be prepared to visit houses, because the tombs were in many cases built to like like houses, with an atrium in the middle and everything, a fascinating visit to be sure.

The city is steeped in history and mythology actually, it is said that this is the birthplace of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite and the Baths of Aphrodite are an interesting place to visit as a result. This is a place that has been sculpted by both nature and human hands, the scenery is wonderful and the actual ancient baths are still an interesting thing to behold.

But talking about the other side of the city, being very tourist-minded means that you will have quite a few accommodation options to choose from, not to mention great places to eat, and a rather vibrant nightlife.

Depending on the type of experience that you’re looking for from your Cyprus trip, you may want to avoid or may want to head straight to Paphos.

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