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Packing for every situation (part 2)

Packing for every situation (part 2)

Today we’re continuing our look at tips for packing for every situation, after we’ve talked about monsoons season, shopping and gadgets in the previous article, today we’ll be looking at sports activities.

Sports, the beach and staying at hostels

The towel is often-times an overlooked piece which sometimes misses from one’s bags, and as Douglas Adams would have us know, that is an extraordinary bad idea when you’re hitchhiking across the galaxy. Interestingly enough that same principle applies to our more Earth-based travels as well, for all of the upper mentioned possibilities, don’t forget to bring along a microfiber towel. A microfiber towel is much more compact than regular ones and will also absorb more water than regular towels; another plus is that they dry quickly. In case you’re a fan of reading much more than getting wet, consider getting yourself an e-book reader so as to keep light on the travel weight.

Winter sports

Goggles and water-resistant clothes are the things to take into consideration. The level of water resistance of your clothes will depend on the type of snow activity you are into, skiing, snowboarding or whatever, you may need different levels of protection. As far as goggles go, you may want to get some which feature cameras so that you can record your runs.

Bar crawling

Keep a stubby holder handy so that you can keep your beer cool while on the move or for longer periods of time. You might also want to bring along a waterproof pen or pencil as well as a small notebook to write down things in case your phone dies in the wee hours of the morning. As far as actual bar crawling goes, keep safe and depending on where you’re going don’t flash cash.

Fickle weather

When you’re visiting a place with well-known fickle weather, you should dress in layers because depending on how the temperature varies, so can your number of layers.



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